Who we are?

We're a brand experience company engaged into designing, manufacturing, and marketing of premium quality plywood products.

Avenger Ply is a trusted and leading plywood manufacturing and exporting firm located at the heart of Kolkata. It stands at the helm in delivering environment-friendly, sustainable products to it's clients. Our products are marine graded and borer proof stated, integrated with warp-free and anti-termite features. They are made with a combination of indigenous and modern technologies that makes them prone to withstand wear and tear and keep their original shape intact for years.

We've been advancing the extra mile since last 2 decades. We've seen a lot. Done a lot. And learned a lot.

Avenger Ply's success dates back to the late 90's when we started with our timber reeling services for business clients. The company steadily made its rise through the clutters, delving into the footholds of the plywood manufacturing industry.

The challenge was to be identifiable with a distinguishing brand name in the highly competitive plywood industry. The Agarwal brothers made this possible with their accurate sense of business planning which reaped maximum returns.

Currently, the company's strategy-making division is headed by Mr. Vivek Dokania, an ambitious minded entrepreneur who leads a team of fine professionals committed to adapt and develop to the ever-changing needs of the market. Avenger Plywood has its manufacturing unit in Kishanganj (Bihar) & Kolkata (West Bengal) and has expanded its brand Pan India.

We aspire to provide our customers with the principal graded products with a market-oriented approach to achieve their long term goals.

We infuse into each of our work the best processes and workmanship.

Avenger Ply has always believed in innovation at work. Extensively tested and certified to elite quality, customers find true delight in buying from us. We aspire to serve our customers by completely understanding their needs, end goals, and delivering the tangible results they yearn.

We stand certified from these prestigious organizations.

  • Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC)
  • International Standards Organisation( ISO-9001,14001,18001)
  • Indian Standard Institution (ISI-303,7101659,2202)
  • Member of Indian Green Building Council (IGC)
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